Drivers and Barriers of the Cloud Computing in SMEs: the Position of the European Union

  • Pedro R. Palos-Sanchez University of Extremadura


Cloud computing is one of the technologies that organizations, and especially users, knowthe least about. It is a new Internet-based technology used to store information on servers,and is provided as an on-demand service to clients. Cost savings and simplification of thetechnological infrastructure are two of the most decisive factors in its increasing use.However, the lack of standardization, the need for new professionals and the emergence ofdistrust are some of the barriers to its adoption. The purpose of this paper is, firstly, to present the current situation of this technology from the perspective of businesses byreviewing the existing literature. Secondly, we analyze the situation of this technology froma two-part viewpoint: the European Union, and in particular, the situation in SMEs. Finally,the strategic positions of the European Commission will be reviewed with respect to theconsequences of the adoption of the cloud paradigm.

Author Biography

Pedro R. Palos-Sanchez, University of Extremadura
Associate professor in the Department of Business Administration, College of Business, Finance and Tourism at the University of Extremadura. He is a member of the MARKETUR Research Group at the University of Extremadura. Spain.
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Palos-Sanchez, P. (2017). Drivers and Barriers of the Cloud Computing in SMEs: the Position of the European Union. Harvard Deusto Business Research, 6(2), 116-132. doi:10.3926/hdbr.125


Cloud computing, Economic model, Europe, Governance